What is a Payne Pallet Inverter Exchanger?

The Payne Pallet Inverter Exchanger was invented as a solution to remove broken bags of ICI fertilizer from the bottom of a loaded pallet, therefore saving hours of manual handling to obtain the bottom bag for replacement. By exchanging on to a cheaper one-way pallet the ICI quality pallet was retained in-house. This led the way for every warehouse and manufacturing site that uses pallets to acquire a Payne Pallet Inverter , Exchanger or indeed 90 degree Tipper. Simply switch your loads from rental pallets to in-house or wood to plastic pallets.

Why Payne Pallet Inverters and Exchangers?

To this day all Payne Pallet Inverters, Exchangers and Tippers are manufactured in the UK. From our design team to delivery and commissioning you have a professional dedicated service available to discuss all your requirements relating to your pallet exchange application. Payne have been in the business over 45 years. Payne is the first and original name in Pallet Inversion and Pallet exchange machines. We offer new and refurbished machines. We offer very flexible rental on all machines that we manufacture.