Pallet Exchanger – Pallet Changer

The Payne Pallet Exchanger is designed to eliminate all manual handling when you need to transfer your load from pallet to pallet, wood to plastic. We acomplish this by tipping back your load and placing the exchange pallet at ground level for you to collect by pallet truck and also forklift. Your load is supported at all times resting in the V shape formed table. Fast ,efficient pallet exchange with simple one touch controls. Payne precision clamp is automatically incorporated into control specification of this machine.

Key features

  • No Manual Handling involved 100%
  • Versatile for all types of loads
  • Easy loading with pallet truck
  • Easy loading with forktruck
  • Wood to plastic exchange
  • Payne low force clamp system incorporated
  • Fully Automatic controls
  • Reduce pallet rental costs
  • Pallet Changer maintainance and servicing options available